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What’s the Summer season Solstice? – Science questions for youths

The summer season solstice is the longest day of the yr when the north pole of the earth is closest to the solar. There are two solstices a yr. One in June and one in December. The time of the solstice is identical in all places on the planet, however the season is determined by the place you might be on Earth (northern or southern hemisphere).

The time period solstice consists of the Latin Sol which means the solarand cease which implies stand nonetheless

Within the Northern Hemisphere, the June solstice is the primary day of summer season and the December solstice the primary day of winter. Within the southern hemisphere it’s the different method round.

Why are the times longer in summer season?

Because of the method the earth revolves across the solar, there are extra hours of daylight in the summertime.

Within the Northern Hemisphere (half the world above the equator), the longest day is June 20 or 21.

The alternative occurs within the Southern Hemisphere, the place the longest day is the shortest day within the Northern Hemisphere.

It’s because the earth is tilted. Half of the Earth tilted in the direction of the solar is in summer season and that a part of the Earth tilted away from the solar is in winter. You possibly can see within the picture under that every hemisphere of the Earth is tilted towards the solar one half of the yr and away from the solar the opposite half of the yr.

Schematic of the Earth's orbit around the Sun and its tilted axis leading to seasons.
Why do we have now totally different seasons?

What’s the longest day of the yr?

The longest day of the yr within the Northern Hemisphere is June 20-22.

When is the shortest day of the yr?

The shortest day of the yr within the Northern Hemisphere is December 20-23.

Why does the precise date of the summer season solstice change?

This is because of leap years, which implies that the date modifications barely yearly.

Diagram of the Earth showing daylight hours during the summer solstice

What’s an Equinox?

The equinox is the day of the yr when the Earth’s tilt is 0 and there are equal hours of night time and day. This occurs twice a yr, on the primary day of spring and the primary day of autumn. Equinox means equal

Summer season Solstice Actions for Youngsters

These easy concepts are tremendous straightforward and may assist youngsters study the science behind the summer season solstice

Why do we have now day and night time?

This easy demonstration I wrote for Let’s Lasso the Moon a few years in the past is a good sensible demonstration as to: why we have now day and night time

Image of a torch shining on a ball of plasticine made to resemble the earth for a why do we have a day and night experiment
Why do we have now seasons?

How does the earth revolve across the solar?

This quite simple, sensible demonstration exhibits how the earth revolves across the solar and the moon revolves across the earth.

Go to Stonehenge

Stonehenge wants an article for itself as a result of the historical past behind it’s unimaginable. At every solstice, the rising solar reaches the middle of the stones, however in case you occur to go by it’s a really superb sight to see it doesn’t matter what time of yr.

stonehenge with the sun shining through it during the summer solstice

Make a rainbow

Do you know that daylight (white gentle) really consists of a spectrum of seven totally different colours? You possibly can see these when a rainbow varieties. One other approach to symbolize the colour spectrum in white gentle is to make use of a rainbow utilizing a prism

Image of Stonehenge and the Earth's seasons for a why do we have a scientific activity at the summer solstice
summer season solstice

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