The Montessori Continents Globe: Function and Presentation

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image of child working with the Montessori colored globe.

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What’s the Montessori Continents Globe?

The Montessori-colored globe, or continent globe, (typically known as a painted globe) is a plastic or wood sphere with coloured continents, that are barely raised.

The Continents Globe is identical dimension because the Sandpaper Globe and is launched to a baby after they’ve labored with the Sandpaper Globe.

Much like the Sandpaper Globe, the Coloured Globe is positioned on a wood base in order that it rotates on the identical angle because the Earth.

The designated shade of the continents on the Montessori Continents Globe is as follows:

  • South America – pink
  • North America – orange
  • Australia – brown
  • Asia – yellow
  • Europe – purple
  • Africa – inexperienced
  • Antarctica – white

Montessori geography lessons comply with the identical shade coding all through the curriculum.

You see the identical shade coding on supplies such because the geography maps and Puzzle Map of the World.

The aim of the color-coded continents is to assist kids acknowledge every continent extra simply in order that they’ll focus extra on the ideas they’re studying.

The final word objective of the coloured sphere is to assist kids perceive that the Earth is made up of continents and oceans.

An oblique objective of this geography materials is to offer kids a sensory impression of the scale and form of every continent.

Though you have got been given the colour coding for the continents, you must know that the names of the continents will not be launched on this lesson.


image of children taking part in a 3-period Montessori lesson.

Methods to current the Montessori Continents Globe

To current the Continents Globe you have to:

Listed below are the steps to current the Montessori Continents Globe to a baby. As with different Montessori actions, a lesson of three intervals have to be supervised.

  • Seize the Continents Globe by the bottom and invite the kid to hold the Sandpaper Globe subsequent to you to the desk in the identical manner.
  • Briefly evaluation the Sandpaper Globe presentation.
  • Ask the kid to discover each orbs.
  • Inform the kid that each spheres signify the Earth.
  • Discover with the kid the similarities and variations (individually) between the spheres.
  • Ask the kid if they’ll level to a landmass on the sandpaper orb and discover the corresponding space on the coloured orb.
  • Repeat the final step with every continent, then transfer the sandpaper bulb out of sight.
  • Level to a continent on the continent globe and say to the kid: “That is known as a continent. It’s a massive land mass that’s surrounded by water. Continent”.
  • Flip the globe to the precise and select one other continent and say to the kid: “That is known as a continent. Continent”.
  • Repeat the earlier step with all continents.
  • Repeat this course of with the oceans and say: “This huge physique of water known as an ocean. Ocean”.
  • Ask the kid to discover a continent first, after which an ocean, masking each continent and each ocean.
  • Invite the kid to repeat the exercise.

Coloured Continent Globe Exercise Expansions

After the presentation, on one other day and solely when the kid is prepared, there are different actions that may be performed with the Montessori Continents Globe.

Evaluating the scale of continents and oceans

Invite the kid to search out the most important and smallest continents and oceans on this planet.

Stereognostic Train

Invite the kid to put on a blindfold or shut their eyes. Assist them preserve their finger simply above the floor of the globe.

Slowly rotate the globe to the precise and ask the kid to determine whether or not they’re touching a continent or an ocean when the globe stops.

There you have got it – the Montessori Continents Globe lesson.

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