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The Montessori Continent Tune – Lyrics and Exercise

Geography is among the most fascinating topics for younger youngsters. Memorizing the names of the 7 continents is among the first challenges for younger learners – and that is the place the Montessori Continent music is available in.

This music is nice enjoyable for youngsters to sing and in Montessori lecture rooms it’s typically a music and motion exercise carried out throughout the circle, together with a big card deck.

image of children taking part in a 3-period Montessori lesson.

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How are the continents launched in Montessori?

In a Montessori classroom, continents are first conceptually launched with the Sandpaper Globe and the Coloured Continents Globe.

By way of these classes, youngsters achieve perception into how the earth consists of each land and water.

Throughout these classes the youngsters are additionally launched to the vocabulary “continent” and “ocean”.

When youngsters work with the Puzzle Map of the World on the finish of their first 12 months of major training, they be taught the names of the 7 continents.

The Continent Tune is usually sung together with an exercise the place a baby jumps from one continent to a different, together with the lyrics.

The Montessori Continent Lyrics

Inform me the continents, inform me the continents,

Inform me for those who can –

There’s North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

Remember Australia; Remember Antarctica.

Inform me the continents, inform me the continents, inform me for those who can.

The creator of the music is unknown, nevertheless it has been broadly utilized in Montessori faculties for fairly a while.

So lengthy that many individuals name it the Montessori Continent music as a substitute of simply the Continent music. (There’s nothing particular about Montessori in regards to the lyrics.)

Beneath is a video of the Montessori Continent Tune and its related exercise.

The rug used for the exercise known as the Fingers Across the World Space Rug and is made by Pleasure Carpets. (Pictured beneath)

Hope you get pleasure from this musical geography exercise in your house or classroom!

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