Science experiment with water fountain – frugal enjoyable for girls and boys

Let’s do some science with WATER! On this experiment we’re going to make a working water fountain utilizing a 2 liter soda bottle and a few easy provides from round the home. This water fountain works via air stress to maintain the water flowing. It is such a enjoyable venture and you may make it work many times.

This water fountain science experiment is enjoyable for preschool by way of highschool college students. Little children will find it irresistible! Older children can do that venture on their very own and actually perceive the ideas.

The inspiration for this water fountain got here from Studying with Play at Residence. It is such an excellent thought!

This venture is simply ridiculously enjoyable for a scorching summer time day, however it additionally demonstrates necessary scientific ideas. Use this exercise when learning matter. It is the right solution to present that air is matter as a result of it takes up area


  • 2 liter comfortable drink bottle
  • Plastic flexible straws – 4 or so
  • scorching glue
  • Balloon – we used a 9 inch balloon however a smaller one will work too
  • A bowl to catch the water
  • Meals coloring (non-obligatory)
  • Drill or one thing to make a gap within the plastic bottle

You are able to do this experiment exterior and not using a container to gather the water, however a giant benefit of the container is that you would be able to reuse the water many times.

Step 1: Put together the water bottle

Drill a gap within the water bottle that’s the identical dimension or barely bigger than the straw. If the opening is simply too small, you may have to fold the straw to get it in. If the opening is simply too large, you possibly can simply fill the opening with some scorching glue.

Step 2: Add a straw

Insert the straw into the opening within the bottle in order that the straw is going through down towards the underside of the bottle. You need the curved finish of the straw to stay out of the bottle.

Safe the straw with scorching glue. Use additional glue on the underside of the straw to assist it on the proper angle.

Step 3: Begin Your Fountain!

We used the identical under-bed tub that we used for our Ocean Science Experiments. We have additionally coloured the water blue, only for enjoyable, and to make it simpler for all of you to see what’s taking place within the images.

Fill your bottle with water.

You’ll discover that if the water within the bottle is increased than the straw, water will stream out of the straw.

Within the image beneath, the peak of the water within the straw is the same as the peak of the water within the bottle.

When you tilt the bottle barely, the water will stream out. However it will not stream out by itself except you tilt it.

Now blow up the balloon. Pinch the balloon to forestall the air from flowing out and stretch it excessive of the bottle.

The air within the balloon pushes the water within the bottle down and pushes it out of the straw! Spectacular!

The scientific rationalization:

The air will go away the balloon as a result of the air stress within the balloon is increased than the air stress within the bottle. As air flows into the bottle, the air stress will increase, pressurizing the water. This pushes the water up and out of the bottle with a shocking quantity of power!

The water fountain is a variety of enjoyable to play with! Youngsters will certainly wish to do this extra typically.

Variation: Make a water tower

We determined to increase the straw by connecting extra straws. We put a small piece of duct tape round every connection. Then we may fake our bottle was a water tower sending water by way of the pipes (straws) right into a constructing. Now we have added a separate container to our constructing.

Actual water towers use gravity to make the water stream. A pump fills the tower, then gravity flows out of the tower and thru town pipes. I’ll hyperlink a really useful video beneath!

Because of the stress of the air flowing out of the balloon, we have been capable of make the water stream up into the straw after which again down once more.

It was fascinating to see that when the water stage within the bottle was low and the stress began to drop, we have been capable of carry the bottle and improve the stress tremendously. This was gravity at work, similar to an actual water tower!

This is a very fascinating YouTube video explaining how water towers and metropolis water provide work. That is so properly carried out and straightforward to grasp!

Want extra concepts for science experiments?

Make sure you try our Ocean Science Experiments for extra scientific actions involving water.

And this is one other nice solution to present that air takes up area.

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