Popsicle Stick Catapult – STEM Challenges for Children

This one craft stick slingshots or slingshots for popsicle sticks are very straightforward to make and supply hours of enjoyable good engineering and design undertaking† We made ours slingshots for popsicle sticks area themed and turned desk tennis balls into planets. There are such a lot of completely different slingshot designs and themes to select from, you will be busy for weeks! Slingshots are additionally a superb method to study extra about powergravity and Newton’s Legal guidelines of Movement

Popsicle stick slingshots are additionally nice for a math-based exercise when youngsters register how far completely different sizes/weights of balls journey. We’ve discovered that small pompoms fly very properly as a result of they’re so mild.

popsicle or lollipop stick catapults are very straightforward to make. Every solely takes a couple of minutes to construct when you get the cling of it. They’re a implausible youngsters exercise for a wet day.

Image of 3 space themed catapults made with craft sticks, milk bottle caps and elastic bands
Popsicle stick catapults

What do you want for a Popsicle stick slingshot

Vast popsicle sticks / lollipop sticks

elastic bands

Desk tennis balls

Different objects to check

Double-sided tape

Milk bottle high

Tmonkey measure – non-obligatory

materials needed for a craft stick slingshot - craft sticks, double sided tape, elastic bands and a milk bottle cap

make a popsicle stick slingshot

  • Begin with about 7 popsicle sticks and place them on high of one another. Wrap an elastic band round every finish to carry them in place.
step 1 of building a craft stick slingshot with a stack of craft sticks tied together at each end with an elastic band
  • Place one other stick above and one under the stack of seven in order that they kind a cross form. There must be extra lollipop stick on the tip you wish to use for the milk high.
step 2 for building a lollipop stick catapult using a stack of craft sticks with one on the bottom and top to make a cross shape.  An elastic band tied where the sticks cross keeps them together.
  • Tie an elastic band across the middle of the crotch.
  • Wrap one other elastic band across the backside of two sticks as proven within the photograph.
final stage of a slingshot with a craft stick
  • Connect a milk bottle cap with double-sided tape or robust glue.
  • Experiment together with your desk tennis balls.

Popsicle Stick Analysis Concepts

Bear in mind to alter just one variable at a time

Change the design

Strive including additional or fewer sticks to the central half.

Shorten the throwing arm.

Change the merchandise being catapulted

Examine whether or not a heavier ball travels additional?

Make it a problem!

Tackle a problem to learn how far you may make a ball journey!

Add some math

Make a goal with completely different numbers on completely different areas and use the catapult to fireplace balls on the goal. See who can rating probably the most with a sure variety of balls.

child pushing a slingshot down with a craft stick

How does a slingshot with popsicle sticks work?

Newton’s first legislation states that an object stays at relaxation till a pressure is utilized to the item.

While you pull the slingshot arm downwards, elastic potential power is saved, if you launch the slingshot arm, the potential power turns into kinetic power (power of movement) which is transferred to the item which then flies by way of the air.

Catapults and Conservation of Vitality

A slingshot with a lollipop stick exhibits power being transformed from one kind to a different (potential to kinetic) and transferred from one object to a different (slingshot arm to ball).

Pushing the slingshot arm additional down will retailer extra elastic potential power which means extra kinetic power is transferred to the ball if you launch it. The additional you push the slingshot arm down (which requires extra pressure from you), the farther the ball will journey.

If you wish to know extra about Newton’s Legal guidelines of Movementstrive our film bus rocket.

Extra slingshot design Concepts

Are you able to construct an enormous catapult† We used these to launch tennis balls over a internet.

Giant garden catapult made of garden sticks

We love this straightforward LEGO Catapult† It took a little bit of engineering and plenty of tweaking alongside the way in which, but it surely labored out very well in the long run!

LEGO slingshot

Strive a simple one shoe field slingshot† That is one other good one straightforward tech undertaking for teenagers with many attainable variations on the design and theme.

Slingshot made from an empty shoebox, wooden spoon, dowel and elastic bands

Strive some slingshot portray like Enjoyable-a-Day.

Frugal Enjoyable for Boys has one other one slingshot design

What do you consider snowman popsicle stick slingshot† or a pokemon slingshot

Pokemom craft stick catapults for a science challenge
collage of various craft stick catapults or popsicle stick catapults for a STEM project or challenge
Loopy Popsicle Stick Catapults

Make a popsicle stick catapult

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